Trainee Exchange Programme Application

  • Applicant must be an ESAIC Active/Trainee Member.
  • Applicant must be no less than a 3rd-year Trainee and no more than a 3rd-year Specialist actively working in Europe (WHO recognised countries).
  • Applicant must send the application form before 1 July of the preceding year (the year before the fellowship)
  • Please download the Application Form and the Application Guide and Checklist. The Guide and Checklist have been specially designed to help your application process and contains essential information.
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application no later than 1 November.
  • Selected applicants will be required to write an article for the ESAIC eNewsletter describing their experience upon completion of the training period, within 1 month after finishing the training.

Applications for the exchange programme in 2022 will open soon!

Host Centre Application

Identifying centres willing and capable to support this programme and to accept one or more trainees for three months at a time is a critical component of this programme. The ESAIC is now actively recruiting centres that would be willing to accept trainees for three-month periods. We expect that these will be well known, recognised centres with a large volume of clinical activity and excellent facilities for teaching. Applications should be made to the ESAIC Secretariat – Trainee Exchange Programme Committee. The allocation will be carried out by the Trainee Exchange Programme Committee, and the Board will be closely monitoring the success of the scheme.

For this project to be successful, it will be essential to offer trainee exchange programmes of a variety that will attract and educate the candidates. We expect that former trainee exchange programme participants will be future leaders, who retain links with, and affection for, their previous training centre!

Hospitals that wish to participate in this programme and become a Host Centre may submit an application to the ESAIC Secretariat.