Below you will find an overview of all the Host Centres that offer their training to the Trainee Exchange Programme. Should you have any questions regarding the programme, kindly do not contact any of the Host Centres, but use the contact form of the ESAIC instead.

Host Centre List


City Leuven*
Centre name
University Hospitals Leuven
Language English or Dutch
Specialty Obstetrical anaesthesia

Cardio anaesthesia

Thoracic anaesthesia

Loco regional anaesthesia

Heart-, Lung and Liver transplant anaesthesia


City Zagreb*
Centre name
Clinical Hospital Merkur
Language Croatian and English
Speciality Anaesthesia for high-acuity surgery (e.g., major vascular surgery, polytrauma),hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, general and colorectal surgery as well as urological, orthopaedic, obstetric, and gynaecological procedures. Department of Intensive Care and Resuscitation provides interventional critical care services, together with the medical emergency response/code teams’ involvement

Czech Republic

City Prague*
Centre name
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Language English
Speciality Cardiovascular anaesthesia and intensive care


City Lyon*
Centre name
Neurologic and Neurosurgical University Hospital, and University Simulation Centre
Language French
Speciality Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery
Mechanical Circulatory Assistance, ECMO, ECLS
Hemodynamic Monitoring
City Lyon*
Centre name
Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant
Language English -French
Speciality Obstetrics (6,000 deliveries per year) ; pediatrics (6,000 children per year)
City Lyon*
Centre name
Hôpital de la Croix Rousse
Language English -French
Speciality Hepatic, Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation
Hepatic Surgery
Major Abdominal Surgery
Major ENT Surgery
Management of Cirrhotic Patients
City Marseilles*
Centre name
Hôpital d’enfants de la Timone 
Language French
Speciality Pediatric anaesthesia analgesia and intensive care
Cardiac defect surgery, Clinical research


City Dresden*
Centre name
University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus 

Language English-German
Speciality Regional anaesthesia procedures, clinical research
Ultrasound for regional anaesthetic procedures
Immunonutrition with Omega-3 fatty acids

City Münster*
Centre name
University Hospital Münster
Language English
Speciality Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia, Paediatric Anaesthesia, Pediatric Cardiac Anaesthesia, Neuroanaesthesia, Neuraxial blocks, Ultrasound, TTE and TEE, Trauma, Chronic and Acute pain, ECMO/ECLS

City Lünen, Dortmund*
Centre name
Klinikum Westfalen, Knappschafts-Hospital
Language English, Netherlands, German
Speciality Intensive care medicine, extracorporeal circulation, endocrinology of the critically ill, hospital management

City Cologne*
Centre name
University Hospital of Cologne
Language English, German
Speciality Cardiothoracic anaesthesia, Vascular surgery, Mayor abdominal Surgery Neuroanaesthesia, Paediatric, Paediatric cardiac intensive care medicine, Obstetrical anaesthesia, Orthopaedic surgery, Da Vinci assisted surgery, Trauma management


City Budapest*
Centre name
Gottsegen Hungarian Institute of Cardiology 
Language English and German
Speciality Pediatric and adult cardiac anaesthesia and intensive care, tertiary cardiac centre hemodynamic monitoring with continuous pulse contour analysis and with echocardiography, grown-up congenital heart disease, transplantation


City Genova*
Centre name
Azienda Ospedalliera Universitaria San Martino
Language English
Speciality Perioperative management of high-risk surgical patients. Acute Lung Injury and adult respiratory distress syndrome. Mechanical Ventilation in critically ill patients. Trauma

City Foggia*
Centre name
Policlinico “Riuniti” – ospedale maternità
Language Italian, English, French
Specialty Hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, clinical and experimental research, locoregional anaesthesia
City Milano*
Centre name
IRCCS San Raffaele 
Language English
Speciality General, orthopaedics, obstetrics, gynaecology, neuro, cardiac, eye surgery, pancreas and kidney transplants, acute pain service, sedation for diagnostic procedures in radiological, MR & gastroenterology
City Varese*
Centre name
University of Insubria 
Language English
Speciality General, Neuro, Cardio, ICU, Trauma, out of hospital emergency


City Riga*
Centre name
Paul Stradins Clinical University Hospital
Language English, Russian
Speciality All except in Paediatrics and Traumatology – Orthopaedics


City Kaunas*
Centre name
Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics
Language English, in special cases: Russian
Speciality General and regional anaesthesia for abdominal, endocrinal, cancer surgery, rapid diagnosis echocardiography protocols and echocardiography monitoring in non-cardiac surgery.


City Porto*
Centre name
Hospital Santo Antonio – Centro Hospitalar do Porto
Language English
Speciality Anaesthesia for major general, urologic and laparoscopic surgery (bariatric, colorectal, prostatic, nephrectomy); liver, pancreatic and renal transplantation

Republic of Ireland

City Cork*
Centre name
Cork University Hospital
Language English
Speciality Regional Anaesthesia and Pain, Vascular Anaesthesia, Traumatology and Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurology, Intensive Care Medicine


City Ljubljana*
Centre name
University Medical Centre Ljubljana 
Language English
Speciality The biggest hospital in the country with 8 thousand employees and 2500 beds. The anaesthetics department has 100 anaesthesiologists and 49 residents. We cover all anaesthetic specialities, cardiac, thoracic, neurosurgery, paediatric, transplantation programme (heart, kidney, liver), as well as regional anaesthesia and pain medicine and surgical intensive care.


City Barcelona*
Centre name
Hospital del Mar – Parc de Salut MAR
Language Spanish or English
Speciality All types of surgery except cardiac anaesthesia; Acute and chronic pain unit; Major laparoscopic surgery (bariatric, colorectal, prostatic and nephrectomy); Awake fiberoscopic intubation; Combined anaesthesia (regional+general); Anaesthesia outside the operating room
City Barcelona*
Centre name
Hospital Universitari Bellvitge
Language English/Spanish
Speciality Cardiothoracic Anesthesia & Transesophageal Echocardiography
Anaesthesia for Liver, Renal and Cardiac Transplants
Critical Care.  Transthoracic Echocardiography and Lung Ultrasound
City Cadiz*
Centre name
Hospital Puerta del Mar 
Language Spanish or English
Speciality Pain unit, Bariatric surgery, Cardiac surgery
City Madrid*
Centre name Hospital Universitario Infanta Leonor
Language Spanish – English
Speciality Difficult airway, hemodynamic management, ultrasound, out-of-OR airway management, ENT surgery, airway management, bariatric and obesity airway management
City Valencia*
Centre name
Hospital Clinico Universitario (Univesity Hospital) 
Language Spanish – English
Speciality Speciality: Respiration: mechanical ventilation, advanced monitoring, ALI, ARDS

neurotraumatology: brain injury, monitoring, neuroanesthesia. Haemodynamics: monitoring, sepsis, cardiac surgery. Infections, prevention and treatment

Oxygen therapy: Hyperoxia, Oxidative stress: Ischemia and reperfusion

Sedation in Intensive Care: Use of Anaconda. Airway management. Acute and Chronic pain therapy

City Girona*
Centre name 
Hospital Universitari Dr Josep Trueta
Language English
Speciality Cardiac Anaesthesia and Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography. Thoracic and Vascular Anesthesia. Postoperative ICU and cardiac/lung ultrasound.

The Netherlands

City Amsterdam*
Centre name
Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
Language English
Specialty Cardiac anesthesia, Cardiovascular risk patients, Pediatric anesthesia, Regional anesthesia


City Ankara
Centre name Ankara University Department Anaesthesiology & ICU
Language English
Speciality Pediatric anaesthesia, anaesthesia for surgical oncology and neuro anaesthesia

City Ankara*
Centre name Gazi University Hospital
Language English

Anaesthesia management, orthopaedics, pediatric and neurosurgery plus obstetric anaesthesia, ICU and outpatient pain clinic

City Istanbul*
Centre name Marmara University Research And Educational Hospital
Language English

Cardiovascular, Thoracic, Neurosurgical and Paediatric Anaesthesia


City Kiev (Kyiv)*
Centre name National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Language English, Ukrainian, Russian
Speciality Cardiac Anesthesia, ECMO,  Military Anesthesia, Trauma Care, General Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

United Kingdom

City Birmingham*
Centre name
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Language English
Speciality Paediatric Anaesthesia includes cardiac, paediatric neuro / craniofacial, paediatric hepatobiliary surgery and all aspects of paediatric surgery – general / ENT / plastic / ortho etc
City Cambridge*
Centre name
Royal Papworth Hospital
Language English
Speciality all areas of adult cardiac and thoracic perioperative medicine including a high volume of heart and lung transplantation, mechanical assist devices and pulmonary endarterectomy. Heart failure centre. Respiratory failure centre (including extracorporeal circulation – one of the 5 respiratory ECMO centres in England with a specialist retrieval team)
City Cardiff*
Centre name
University Hospital of Wales 
Language English
Speciality University hospital, with Cardiothoracic, Neuro-Vascular, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, ITU; Airway, Laboratory Research, Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship soon
City Greater London *
Centre name
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Language English is the main language, some colleagues are fluent in many other European languages (Italian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish).
Speciality Obstetric anaesthesia and clinical research, general surgery, urology, trauma and orthopaedics, paediatrics, gynaecology, podiatry, ENT, plastic, bariatric and burns. In addition to this, we have ITU and burns ITU beds in both hospitals
City London*
Centre name
King’s College Hospital
Language English
Speciality Anaesthesia and Intensive Care for Liver Transplantation Busy obstetric department, 98% epidural rate, management of complex obstetric patients
City London*
Centre name
Barts Heart Centre
Language English
Speciality Cardiac Anaesthesia (all kinds of surgeries including congenital heart disease)
Thoracic Anaesthesia (Pneumonectomies, VATS Lobectomies,  Bronchoscopies…)
Cardiac Intensive Care
Anaesthesia in Electrophysiology (AF ablation, Flutter ablation…)
Anaesthesia in Interventional Cardiology (TAVIs, ASDs, PFOs, Coarctations…)
City Manchester*
Centre name
University Hospital of South Manchester
Language English
Speciality Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia including ICU and Heart and lung Transplant. VA (VAD) and VV ECMO Programme. Access to Hi-Fidelity Simulation Centre for teaching CALS and CLEMS courses.