ESAIC Simulation Training

At the ESAIC, we believe hi-fidelity simulation training to be a valuable teaching tool for every stage in an anaesthetist’s career. Although an initial investment can be expensive, simulation more than makes up for the costs as it can develop a robust and safer practice that will save money in the long term.

Effective simulation requires so much more than a mannikin and space to practice. We advocate for professional simulation faculty who have a firm understanding of the educational principles, which are particular to developing practical training and the necessary debriefing skills. This way, we ensure that participants can make the best use of what they have learned so they can improve in their daily practice.

Esaic Simulation Committee

The ESAIC Simulation Committee is active in building bridges, not only with other committees within the ESAIC but also between centres all over Europe. We are currently conducting the first survey to establish the status of simulation training across Europe. We have also started running Simulation Masterclasses which form a valuable connection with our Patient Safety and Quality Committee as the focus is on running scenarios based on recommendations found in the Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology.