In 2022, a new podcasts series will be launched, touching all the aspects of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, aimed at different targets. ESAIC Podcasts will be made available via a release schedule, presented below.

Challenging Dogmas in…

Challenging “dogmas” in Anaesthesiology, intensive care and related fields is important for the advancement and professional development. In each episode, speakers will identify a dogma that is interesting to challenge and discuss around it.


These podcasts, developed by members for members, will feature conversational expert interviews on non-clinical competencies, skills, well-being, and best practices.

Industry Corner

One (or more) industry representative(s) will be invited to discuss innovation, hot topics and future development.

History Break

In each episode, a groundbreaking or defining moment within the history of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine will be presented.

Trainees Corner

These podcasts are specifically aimed at trainees and young professionals and will feature conversations with experts, residency hacks, exam preparation, and career advice.

Ethical Dilemmas

The pace and advancement of medicine never slows down, and our practice is sometimes not so much about what we can do but what we should do. In an increasingly complex world, we are asked to make decisions on life and death in highly emotional circumstances. We are asked to navigate a maze of emotions, families, patients and legalities in a way our initial training never prepared us for. Our new podcast series will explore these dilemmas, challenge dogmas and prepare us for the uncertainties and advancements of 21st-century medicine.

Podcasts are free to listen/download via the ESAIC website and made available via the various streaming websites. The podcasts that are falling under the ‘ESAIC Talks’ theme will be reserved for ESAIC Members only and requires the audience to log into their MyESAIC Account before they are able to listen/download the episode.

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Challenging Dogmas: Anaphylaxis and anaesthesia

What is a perioperative anaphylaxis? What drugs or allergens can cause anaphylaxis? What about anaphylaxis in children and in pregnancy? How can we recognize that we are facing an anaphylaxis? In this episode, our Host Prof. Daniela Ionescu will discuss with Prof. Paul Michel Mertes, on hot topics related to anaphylaxis in anaesthesia. Listen and get informed on all the latest developments in the field!

09 May 2023
ESAIC Talks: Sustainability -- Beyond Low Flow Anaesthesia

Sustainability, as a transversal concept, it’s a hot topic in many domains of public and private life. Its environmental dimension is specifically relevant to the domain of Anaesthesiology, with the carbon footprint of clinical practice in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care alone accounting for roughly 5% of the European emissions of greenhouse gases. How is the concept of sustainability translated in practice regarding Anaesthesiology? Which key actions should be taken to minimize the professional ecological footprint in Anaesthesia and Intensive care? Join our host Prof. Jan Hendrickx, and speaker Dr Patricio González-Pizarro in their discussion and get informed.

11 April 2023
Trainee Corner: EDAIC Part 1 Preparation

Every year, the “EDAIC Part 1” exam recruits around 3.000 candidates from about 90 countries worldwide. With the registrations for this year’s exam currently open, this episode provides valuable insights into the structure of the exams, the topics covered and the marking system, among others. Join our host Dr Igor Abramovich and our speaker Dr Nicolas Brogly in their discussion on the “EDAIC Part 1” exam and learn more.

28 March 2023
Ethical Dilemmas: A Matter of Justice - Ethical resource allocation in Anaesthesia and ICU

Which kind of resources can be classified as needing ethical allocation? Is expertise a resource? How availability of resources impacts practice in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia? Join our host Dr Paul McConnell and our speaker Dr Daniele Bryden in their discussion on ethical resource allocation, one of the key ethical issues in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.

07 March 2023
An Update on the EBA European Training Requirements
In this episode, our Host Dr Igor Abramovich will discuss the 2022 update on European Training Requirements (ETR) with Dr Krešimir Oremuš, who is the Secretary of the European Board of Anaesthesiology (EBA). Listen and find out how knowledge and skills meet attitudes to build a future-proof anaesthesiologist in this new version!

31 January 2023
Guidelines on Neuromuscular Blockade
In November 2022 the Peri-operative management of neuromuscular blockade Guidelines was published in the European Journal of Anaesthesiology.
For this episode, our host Prof. Peter Kranke is interviewing Prof. Thomas Fuchs-Buder, Chairman of the Task Force leading this publication to inquire why such a Guideline is still necessary in 2022.
What are the current barriers for practitioners to pick up the recent developments in pharmacology and monitoring into their practice? How do we implement the guidelines to maximise its impact? And finally, what are the main takeaways for the everyday busy clinician.
Listen now to find out more!

10 January 2023
Corporate Sustainability and Drug Choices
Have you considered the planet during your practice as a doctor? Whose responsibility should it be to drive sustainability in the medical field?

We have invited Ms. Jeanette Englund (ZA) who is leading the global sustainability program in Aspen to talk about Corporate Sustainability and Drug Choices. Find out together with our host Dr Paul McConnell (UK) what Industry does to uphold sustainability. Is there a risk of greenwashing? And how can the practitioner on an individual level practice responsible consumption?

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27 December 2022
Challenging Dogmas: Thrombosis - Prevention of perioperative thrombosis in patients at risk

Join our Host Dr Isabell Pekrul (DE) and our Speaker, Prof. Marc Samama (FR), discussing the relevance of the prevention of Venous thromboembolic events (VTE). VTE is still a very serious and potentially fatal complication. Luckily VTE is preventable, but how do we select the most preventive treatment pathways in a perioperative setting?

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20 December 2022
ESAIC Talks: Gender Equity and Diversity
Is accessibility to medical care the same for all genders? Do family-oriented societies affect decision-making in regard to patients? Why is it important that women empower other women? Do women have gender bias as well? Join Prof Vojislava Neskovic and Prof Sheila Myatra in a conversation on Gender Equity and Diversity focusing on different cultural and social backgrounds.

01 November 2022
Is it Futile to talk about Futility
Is it Futile to talk about Futility? The concept of medical futility has existed for millennia. While the dialogue and definitions surrounding this topic are useful, using the word 'futility' in the context of withdrawal or withholding treatment may be problematic. Learn more about this topic in our newly released episode with Host Dr Paul McConnell and Guest Dr Sonya Daniel, where they discuss why we should not only look into the 'medical best interest' of the patient but the 'best interests as a whole'.

11 October 2022
Challenging Dogmas: Obstetric Anaesthesiology
Dogmas are everywhere in obstetric anaesthesia, perpetuated despite advances in science by anesthesiologists, parturients and other clinicians. Dogmas such as a belief that there is a minimum appropriate platelet level to perform epidural analgesia for labour safely may be difficult to change, but they can be challenged and updated through scientific advances and guidelines based upon the latest evidence, along with some common sense. Join Prof. Carolyn Weiniger, Chair of the Obstetric Anaesthesiology Subcommittee of ESAIC and Director of Obstetric Anesthesia in the Department of Anesthesia, Pain and Intensive Care of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and Prof. Emilia Guasch, Director of Obstetric Anesthesia in the Department of Anesthesia, La Paz University Hospital, Madrid Spain, WFSA Council Member and WFSA Obstetric Anesthesia Committee Member as we explore some perpetuating dogmas in obstetric anaesthesia and review evidence to help us make the best decisions for our patients in challenging circumstances.

26 July 2022
ESAIC Talks: 1 to 1 with the President
Listen to a special episode where Prof. Edoardo De Robertis, President of the ESAIC, is interviewed. He shares with us why he became an anaesthesiologist, how he got involved with the ESAIC, the upcoming Euroanaesthesia Congress in Milan and his vision for the future.

31 May 2022
Challenging Dogmas: Pharmacology of Intubation in Critical Care Patients in 2022
Are you ready to change your practice and question some airway dogmas? What has changed with critical patients' intubation medications in 2022? Curious? Listen to this episode with Dr Massimiliano Sorbello and Dr Vincenzo Russotto, and discover what has changed so far and how our practice may change in the next months!

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03 May 2022
Challenging Dogmas: Geriatric Anaesthesiology
In this episode, our Host, Dr Peter Kirkegaard and Speaker Prof. Finn Radtke discuss challenging dogmas in geriatric anesthesiology, which has taken centre stage in the past 5-10 years. Discover why the focus in geriatric anaesthesia is redirected not only on the surgery itself but also on the period after surgery.

29 March 2022
Challenging Dogmas: Are our current medical ethical systems still useful in the 21st century?
For decades the 4 principles have formed the cornerstones of medical ethics, but in a global society with new emergent technologies that blur traditional moral boundaries are they still useful or even relevant? Dr Paul McConnell and Prof. Yehuda Ginosar discuss this and whether we have any alternatives.

01 March 2022
Trainee Corner: Challenges and Transformation of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Training in Europe
Listen to an interesting discussion between Dr Igor Abramovich and Prof. Sibylle Kietaibl on her work as the Chairperson of the Education and Professional Development Committee of the European Board of Anaesthesiology and discover further insights into the transformation of training in Europe.

01 February 2022