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Sustainability in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care: Linking local projects for national results12 March 2024
The Known Unknowns: things we know that we do not know in paediatric perioperative care26 March 2024
Chronic postsurgical pain 9 April 2024

The Friday midnight ICU readmission

What is the actual definition of the ICU readmission? Which are the rates and the main reasons behind readmissions of previously discharged patients? In this episode, our Host, Dr Yael Lichter, discuss challenging dogmas in ICU readmission with Ms. Jillian Hartin and Mr. John Welch, experts in the field. Join their discussion and learn more about the topic.

13 February 2024
Captivating Careers - a conversation with Jennifer Hunter

Prof. Jennifer Hunter has a wealth of clinical and academic experience. Her long and eventful career has given her a rightful place as a leading figure in Anaesthesiology. She was the first woman to become Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Anaesthesia, and Chair of the European Society of Anaesthesiology Scientific Programme Committee. She was also a member of the ESA Nominations Committee.

In this episode, our Host, Mr. Alex Rawlings discusses with Prof. Jennifer Hunter the highlights of her career in Anaesthesiology, along with her inspirations, motivations, and much more. Join them and discover more about this fascinating career.

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06 February 2024
What ESAIC can do for you - A recap of 2023 and our 2024 resolutions

What are the most important achievements ESAIC has realised over the past years? Which are the strategic projects ESAIC will be focusing on in the coming years? Join our host, Cathy Weynants, CEO of ESAIC, in an in-depth discussion with ESAIC President Prof. Wolfgang Buhre and ESAIC Past President, Prof. Edoardo De Robertis, and find out more about ESAIC’s achieved goals and future resolutions.

23 January 2024
Mediation in Medicine (defusing conflicts between families and medical teams)

What are the key causes of conflicts between patients, families, and health practitioners? Are there specific situations and times where conflicts are more likely to occur? What does the term “best interest” mean for patients, families, and practitioners alike? Do doctors need support to develop their skills in managing challenging conversations with patients and their families? Join our host, Dr Paul McConnell, in an in-depth discussion with Sarah Barclay, director and founder of the Medical Mediation Foundation, and find out more.

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09 January 2024