Online Registrations for Part ll 2023 Examination

EDAIC Part II 2023 registration are now closed. It is no longer possible to register in 2023.

The Part II online registration form is accessible from your myESAIC account. Please make sure you can access your myESAIC account before registrations open.

The structure of the EDAIC Part II fees has been adapted for 2023: the resit fee no longer applies, while other reduced fees have been introduced. You will find all details here.

Most EDAIC Part II 2023 examinations will take place online. However, 6 centres will be organized face-to-face: Erlangen, Madrid, Malta, Istanbul, Uppsala & Warsaw.

We strongly recommend candidates requiring visas to register for an online examination.

Please note that a limited number of seats has been allocated to each of the Part II languages i.e. English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Spanish & Turkish. Once the number of seats in a language is sold out, it will no longer be possible to register for that language. For each language, this number was set based on the availability of EDAIC examiners and the cohort of candidates, taking into consideration the maximum number of seats available in 2023; it can therefore not be increased upon request.

    1. Change of centre: if you must change your centre before the registration deadline, your registration will have to be cancelled and the €50 handling fee will apply (see cancellation policy); you will then have to register online again before the registration deadline and the ESAIC cannot guarantee the availability of seats in other centres. No change of centre is allowed after the registration deadline.
    2. Change of language: if you must change your examination language before the registration deadline, your registration will have to be cancelled and the €50 handling fee will apply (see cancellation policy); you will then have to register online again before the registration deadline and the ESAIC cannot guarantee the availability of seats in other languages. No change of the examination language is allowed after the registration deadline.
    3. In order to avoid fully booked centres, please make sure to register early, in particular if your examination language is not English. Centres which are fully booked cannot be overbooked.
    4. Different payment options are available including payment by debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bancontact). If you choose to pay by debit or credit card, please make sure that you have full valid card details at hand before clicking the registration link as registrations with rejected payment will not be processed. Whichever payment method is used, candidates will receive a confirmation of payment and an invoice by e-mail if their payment has been successful. Admission documents and visa letters are e-mailed to candidates once the eligibility has been checked by the ESAIC Secretariat.
    5. Please make sure that you have prepared the copy of your diploma of a specialist in anaesthesiology for upload in one of the following file formats before clicking the registration link: pdf, doc(x), odt, bmp, jpg, jpeg or png. The copy of your specialist diploma must be written in its original language. In case your diploma is not written in one of the languages used in the EDAIC Part I or EDAIC Part II examinations, you also need to upload a certified English translation of your diploma. In case you are in the last year of your anaesthetic training in a European country, you will need to upload the completed ESAIC Trainee Letter to prove that your last year of training starts before or on the day of the Part II registration deadline; a copy of your specialist diploma will have to be sent to the Examinations Office before we can grant your EDAIC. Applications without the required documents will automatically be cancelled by ESAIC.
    6. Please make sure that you have prepared a photograph of yourself in one of the following file formats: bmp, jpeg, jpg or png. Please also ensure that your picture meets the following requirements:
      · clear, sharp and in focus
      · must be a close-up of your full head and upper shoulders
      · recent, taken in the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
      · unaltered by computer software and stamp-free
      Please also ensure that the quality of your picture is sufficient.
    7. Registration deadline7 February 2023 23:59 CET. The online registration webpage will close automatically on the deadline. No registration will be possible after that.
    8. In the unlikely event you have not received a confirmation of your EDAIC Part II registration two weeks after the closure of the online registration, we recommend that you send an e-mail to the examination team for verification: exam@esaic.org
    9. Cancellation – Refund – Postponement
      Please see our policy (item 6). Cancellations at EDAIC Part II have a serious impact on the organisation of the exam. If you cannot attend your examination for any reason, we urge you to inform the ESAIC office as early as possible so that we can take all appropriate actions for the smooth running of the examination.
    10. Visas: each candidate taking the examination abroad is responsible for having a valid passport. This is why applications for a visa should be handled at the same time as the registration for the examination. Refund requests for refused visas will not be accepted by ESAIC.
    11. COVID-19 measures for face-to-face examinations (if applicable): each candidate is responsible for complying with the measures related to COVID-19 enforced by the local authorities competent for each face-to-face EDAIC Part II examination. Refund requests for non-compliance will not be accepted by ESAIC. In case travel restrictions do not allow the candidate to travel to the examination centre, refund requests will be considered as exceptional circumstances.
    12. Please add the following e-mail address to your list of accepted contacts, as all information about your examination (including your results) will be sent to you by e-mail: exam@esaic.org