All EDAIC Part I results (anonymous candidate numbers with pass/fail results) will be posted on the ESAIC website approximately 6 weeks after the examination. Detailed results will be available in MyESAIC approximately 2 months after the examination

The Part I examination is held annually in September or early October simultaneously in several centres. The examination may be taken in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Turkish or Romanian. The English language is always provided on top of the selected language so that candidates can refer to the original version if they so wish.

The Part I examination comprises two multiple choice question (MCQ) papers, one covering basic science and the other clinical anaesthesia and intensive care medicine.

The marking system of the Part I examination and ITA does not use negative marks. Candidates are required to answer all questions in both Paper A and Paper B. They are awarded a mark for each correct answer. There is no penalty for an incorrect answer or any left blank. It is therefore in the interest of candidates to ensure they answer all questions.

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