Next On-Line Assessment: Friday 26 April

Next Home On-Line Assessment: Friday 10 May 2024 to Monday 13 May 2024

OLA and HOLA Group Registrations are opened and will close on Sunday 14 January 2024 at 14.00 CET 


OLA 2024

OLA Directors of Training from Argentina, Moldova, Slovenia, and the Belgium French-speaking community can register a group of candidates for one of the OLA centres published on the ESAIC website (provided there are seats available).

Directors of Training from other countries can only register a group of candidates for HOLA.

Why register your residents for the OLA/HOLA?

The OLA/HOLA was designed to help anaesthetists identify areas where their knowledge needs improving and updating. Directors of Training, consultants and trainees at different stages of training currently use the OLA/HOLA for various purposes: examination preparation, regular self-assessment, formal examination and help for revalidation. The objective will vary depending on the user.

The OLA/HOLA and EDAIC Part I Examination use the same marking system and are similar in content and structure. Candidates preparing for the EDAIC Part I, or a comparable examination, can therefore use the OLA/HOLA to identify areas that require further study. The ESAIC does not set a pass mark for the OLA/HOLA but does provide the Part I pass marks of previous years to candidates for reference. In countries where the OLA is mandatory, the relevant National authority sets the pass marks.

Individuals may use the OLA/HOLA to regularly evaluate their progress, either using their own performance at previous OLA/HOLA as a benchmark or by comparing their current scores with the average scores of their peers in the different subjects. Directors of Training wishing to evaluate the training needs and performance of a group of individuals can use the assessment as a supporting tool.

Finally, the OLA/HOLA may become an important tool for senior colleagues interested in using their individual OLA/HOLA result reports as part of their evidence for revalidation.

Candidate Registration

HOLA has unlimited capacity in terms of candidates.

OLA centres are first open to local residents through group registration and subsequently to external candidates from the same country through individual online registration. Only the remaining examination stations will be made available to external candidates through the individual online registration system.

During group registration, Hosts can register their residents for the OLA/HOLA via an Excel group registration form sent by email to the ESAIC Office. Should you need to receive this Group Registration Form, please contact: vera.morales@esaic.org

If a Host registers residents through group registration, he or she will receive an invoice for the group as well as a group report with the results of the non-specialist candidates he or she registered. The residents will also receive their individual performance reports.

Hosts of OLA centres who do not wish to register candidates and prefer to make all the places in their centres available during individual online registrations can do so but will receive no invoice or group results. During individual registrations, candidates pay directly online.

Important: candidates who were registered during group registration by their Director of Training should not register again individually via the online registration system.

If you have any questions, please contact vera.morales@esaic.org