The Basic and Clinical Sciences Anaesthetic Course (BCSAC)

The Basic and Clinical Sciences Anaesthetic Course (BCSAC) is intended as one of the tools suitable for the preparation of the European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care by improving the candidate’s understanding and knowledge of different areas of basic and clinical sciences.

The course is an expansion of the well-established Basic Science Anaesthesia Course (BSAC) which has been successfully run since 2012 with the introduction of the clinical component in 2020.

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The On-Line Assessment (OLA) and In-training Assessment (ITA)

Trainees or Specialists can also use the On-Line Assessment (OLA) and In-Training Assessment (ITA) to test their knowledge and identify which subjects require further study if they are planning to take the EDAIC Examination.

On-Line Assessment (OLA) In-Training Assessment (ITA)

ESAIC E-Learning Platform

To view E-learning modules pertaining to examinations preparation, follow these steps:

1. Connect to the ESAIC Academy

2. Under “eLearning”, go to the “non-technical skills” section. An eLearning video featuring advice on how to succeed at MCQ as well as another one on how to prepare for an oral examination are available.

Note: you must be an ESAIC member to access some of the modules of the ESAIC Academy.

If you are an ESAIC member, you can access the EDAIC Webinar on our eLearning platform for more tips and tricks.

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Sample Questions

Part I Examination and ITA

Please find below sample EDAIC Part I / ITA questions in different languages. Please note that ESAIC is providing these questions as an example to help candidates prepare for the examination. The Examinations Committee and the ESAIC Secretariat will not answer any questions on the scientific content of these sample questions.


English French Italian Polish* Portuguese* Romanian*
German Spanish Russian* Hungarian* Turkish Slovenian*

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Part II Examination


Sample Questions English French German Italian Spanish

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Part II – Sample Examination Video