The ESAIC makes the delivery of EDAIC diplomas paperless thanks to blockchain certification.

As of 2023, EDAIC diplomates will receive their EDAIC Diploma in digital version. A unique and secured link will be sent to diplomates using blockchain digital credential technology.

The blockchain is a decentralised, perennial and forgery-proof database. A blockchain digital credential is a secure URL link giving access to a tamper-proof and directly verifiable certificate.

With the new version of the EDAIC, diplomates can digitally prove their diplomas’ authenticity without any procedure – for life. Its authenticity is guaranteed by design and free of administrative burden.

The document can be viewed on all devices and shared across all media and professional networks. The diplomates can also download it in PDF format, with a QR code referring to the blockchain link confirming the document’s authenticity. The PDF format of the Diploma will allow diplomates to print it in high quality should they wish to.

Getting the EDAIC Diploma is easy: once your Diploma is ready, the ESAIC will e-mail you a unique weblink to your Diploma.

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