The ESAIC Train the Trainer Course

The course (formerly known as teach the teacher course) is made up of two one week modules which are separated by six months. The first week is usually held in the autumn, and the second week in the spring.

At the end of this 2 week course we expect you will be able to:

  1. Organise and deliver effective formal and informal teaching sessions
  2. Have a systematic approach to teaching practical skills
  3. Observe performance of residents and students and give good feedback
  4. Have an overall approach to devising and delivering an Anaesthetic teaching Programme
  5. Understand the principles of assessment and the types of assessment used in the Workplace and in formal examinations such as the European Diploma.
  6. Develop educational programmes and implement change
  7. Use the tools from the course to guide personal development as a teacher.

The course is delivered as a series of presentations, and workshops. It is highly interactive and much of the work is done by students, facilitated by the faculty. Each individual will make 2 formal presentations of an anaesthetic case, and will receive feedback on a one to one basis on their performance. The course is limited to 20 places.

Further information on the next edition of the Train the Trainer Course to appear soon

About the Train the Trainer Course

To share knowledge and inspire participants to become educators and leaders who strive for improvement in anaesthesiology education.

The ESAIC recognises that the standard of teaching of Anaesthesiology is a vital element of ensuring that our patients receive high quality safe care. Many Anaesthesiologists are involved in teaching not only those who work in University Departments, and not just Medical staff. The teaching of Operating Department Practitioners and nursing staff is often part of our work.

Although doctors receive a great deal of education, they are not often taught how to deliver education. To address this need the ESAIC has developed a two week course for Anaesthesiology Specialists to improve their teaching skills. This course is based on a course run in Eastern Europe over the last 8 years, and is delivered by Anaesthesiologists who graduated from that course.

The course is conducted in English.

In week one the objective is to cover some basic practical material about preparing to teach, a presentation, and some information on feedback and assessment.

In Week two there is more advanced material on organising teaching and meetings, on the examination systems and the management of a residency programme. Several guest speakers will talk about the European Diploma, and the use of simulators or Anaesthetic education.