Sharpen your skills in trauma anaesthesia

Anesthesia SimSTAT is a powerful virtual simulation used to help physicians learn about anaesthesia, patient monitoring and managing anaesthesia-related emergencies. The simulation features high-fidelity scenarios that will challenge you and enhance your competency in solving anaesthesia situations. Anesthesia SimSTAT also allows users to earn 5 CME credits per module. Gain access to:

  • Virtual patients with unique and realistic diseases
  • Interactive equipment with live physiological data based on the most common anaesthesiology equipment
  • Comprehensive performance tracking that provides useful feedback on strengths and areas for improvement

Anesthesia SimSTAT – Trauma provides simulated training for the anaesthesiologist to deal with challenging trauma patients in a variety of scenarios such as resuscitation and rapid reassessments.

Discover how to:

  • Identify and manage peri-arrest hypotension
  • Develop a differential diagnosis for persistent hypotension in accident victims
  • Conduct Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) protocols with a patient experiencing multiple injuries
  • Demonstrate the necessary demeanour and technical abilities to work on trauma patients
  • Complete resuscitation scenarios