Enhance your skills with virtual training for the management of patients undergoing robotic surgery

Anesthesia SimSTAT is a powerful virtual simulation used to help physicians learn about anaesthesia, patient monitoring and managing anaesthesia-related emergencies. The simulation features high-fidelity scenarios that will challenge you and enhance your competency in solving anaesthesia situations. Anesthesia SimSTAT also allows users to earn 5 CME credits per module.

Gain access to:

  • Virtual patients with unique and realistic diseases
  • Interactive equipment with live physiological data based on the most common anaesthesiology equipment
  • Comprehensive performance tracking that provides useful feedback on strengths and areas for improvement

Anesthesia SimSTAT offers a module that focuses solely on robotic surgery aesthetic management. Robotic surgery has advanced the health care industry’s goals of improving patient outcomes and reducing surgical mortality and morbidity rates. However, it has also created some new complications, many of which anaesthesiologists have been forced to navigate on their own. This module provides the resources you need to learn about common issues and how to circumvent them in a clinical setting.

Discover how to:

  • Describe the anticipated concerns associated with robotically-assisted procedures
  • Effectively create an appropriate differential diagnosis for the obese patient in the steep Trendelenburg with markedly elevated airway pressures
  • Describe the factors that should lead to disengagement of the surgical robot, the steps required, and the common complications associated with use of the surgical robot
  • Initiate robot disengagement undocking
  • Develop and demonstrate the necessary technical and behavioural skills to manage an intraoperative crisis