The European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) and the European Board of Anaesthesiology (EBA) are looking to expand their pool of Visitors for the ATAIC, an accreditation programme for the training in anaesthesiology and/or intensive care for European hospitals organised by EBA and ESAIC. 

The duties of ATAIC Visitors are: 

  • Take part in one or more ATAIC accreditation visits scheduled throughout the year in various European hospitals (depending on the availability of the Visitor and the needs of the ESAIC / EBA).    
  • Apply the ATAIC audit and accreditation procedures. 
  • Strive to maintain the high standard of the ATAIC. 
  • Review the documents submitted by the applying hospital before the visit 
  • Strive to conduct a fair and impartial interview of the trainees, Hospital Manager, Head of Department and Director of Training during the visit.   
  • Keep all documents and information, including the contents of the interviews, strictly confidential.


The candidate must have the following profile: 

  • Must be consultant (i.e. anaesthetists who are retired or in training cannot apply) in one of the European member states of the World Health Organisation. 
  • Must be an experienced clinician (at least 5 years’ experience after specialisation). 
  • Must be in clinical practice (i.e. not working for research only). 
  • Must be proficient in English. 
  • Must be familiar with audit procedures. 
  • Must be familiar with accreditation procedures. 
  • Must be actively involved in teaching anaesthesia. 
  • Must be an ESAIC Active Member or EBA Member, or ready to become one. 

How to apply

Join us as an ATAIC visitor !

The Accreditation of Training in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ATAIC) is an audit and accreditation programme run by a unique ESAIC-EBA joint committee. Its aim is to improve and harmonise training in anaesthesiology and intensive care throughout Europe. The accreditation inspection focuses on structure as well as process. Structure addresses resources whereas process refers to the educational environment and to how existing educational resources are used. Accredited centres will, as centres of excellence, serve as references for national visiting programmes.

The ATAIC Committee accredits several departments every year, and those are listed on the ESAIC website and are invited to the Awards Ceremony of the Euroanaesthesia congress for the granting of their certificate. Two ATAIC Visitors are sent to each applying centre.

Please apply by sending your CV with information about your experience in accreditation and your language skills to by 31 December 2022.