The ESAIC is seeking to recruit a new Chairperson of the ESA Trainee Exchange Programme (TEP) Committee. The ESAIC TEP Committee aims to select the best European trainees and allow them to visit, for a period of 3 months training, the best training centres that Europe can offer.

The three-year mandate of the member of the Trainee Exchange Programme (TEP) of the ESAIC becomes vacant on 1 January 2021.



The new TEP Chairperson will start on 1 January 2021. The Committee is currently composed of four members. The TEP Chairperson post requires close liaison with the Trainee Exchange Programme Department of the ESAIC Secretariat in Brussels throughout the year to:

  • Review and score the trainees’ applications selecting those awarded every year.
  • Review the centre applications to fulfil the requirements to be included as a host
  • Recruit centres, either directly or via the National Representatives (Members of Council or Presidents of the National Member
  • Generate quarterly and annual reports to the ESAIC Board of Directors.
  • Play an active role in the improvement of the Host Centres of the
  • Play an active role in the ESAIC Trainee Exchange
  • Chair TEP Committee meetings at least twice a year; one meeting of the TEP Committee takes place face-to-face at the Euroanaesthesia Congress. Other TEP Committee meetings will take place as video- or teleconferences.
  • Liaise with other committees with similar programmes and goals within and outside ESAIC.
  • Promote the ESAIC Trainee Exchange Programme.
  • Publish occasional reports in the ESAIC Newsletter.


Requirements for Application

Applications are encouraged from active ESAIC members who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an ESAIC Active Member.
  • Experience of anaesthetic teaching and training
  • Experience of trainee exchange programmes nationally and
  • National and international experience in giving examinations.
  • Personal experience of being a fellow or trainee

Committees. No more than two representatives working professionally in any one country (except for ex-officio or co-opted members with no voting rights), and no more than one representative from the same institution, can sit on any Committee/Subcommittee. In special circumstances, the Board of Directors could grant an exception to this rule.


Term of office 

The mandate is for three years officially starting on 1 January 2021. For continuity, the Past-Chair will remain a member of the relevant Committee for one year after the end of his/her term as chairperson.


How to apply

If you are interested and wish to apply, please send:

  • A short curriculum vitae (2 pages)
  • The application form duly filled in (detailing the adherence to the requirements set forth above)
  • Disclose any conflict of interest you may have

Your application file (in the English language) must be sent in 1 file to the Trainee Exchange Programme no later than 31 Dec 2020 (23:59) CET with the following subject ‘ESAIC Trainee Exchange Programme Committee Chairperson – Vacancy 2021’.



Travel, accommodation and other necessary expenses incurred to attend meetings are covered by the ESAIC as per the ESAIC Expense Reimbursement Policy.


More information

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this post, please contact Prof. Zoka Milan,

Chairman ESAIC Trainee Exchange Programme Committee

For more information about the ESA Trainee Exchange Programme Committee please visit the ESAIC website.