The ESAIC is seeking to recruit a new motivated and enthusiastic member to the Sustainability Committee (SustaiC) as of 1 January 2023 to assist in evolving and advancing Sustainability in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.


At ESAIC, we recognise that our actions have an impact on the environment, and we see sustainability and climate change as key strategic issues. ESAIC is thus advocating for increased environmental consciousness in our practices and the facilities in which we work. Physician anaesthesiologists can lead by improving operating room design, anaesthetic agent choice and management, and waste disposal and diversion, and can mitigate the negative environmental effect of anaesthetic practice in all its forms. Sustainability also covers all the professional issues related to the quality of life at work and interprofessional relationships (professionalism). 

The SustaiC covers the following 3 core areas: 

  1. Impact of Anaesthesia / Critical Care / Perioperative Medicine on the environment 
  2. Climate change impact on our speciality  
  3. Professionalism (professional issues and prevention, behaviour, quality of life) 

The SustaiC member post requires close liaison with the ESAIC Headquarters in Brussels throughout the year to: 

  • Promote sustainability and well-being at work in our field and highlight their importance, 
  • Produce educational products for dissemination, 
  • Provide and improve knowledge, and skills and help to evolve attitudes in the field of Anaesthesiology with respect not only to sustainability but also to well-being in our professions, 
  • Identify, develop, and evaluate new methods, techniques, and content relevant to the promotion of sustainability and well-being at work in our field. 

The SustaiC meets once a year in the frame of Euroanaesthesia, provided that the sanitary situation allows it. Other activities and meetings take place virtually throughout the year. The members are expected to attend these meetings. Travel expenses to attend a physical meeting of the Committee (if it can take place) are subject to the relevant ESAIC policy. 


Applications are encouraged from ESAIC Members who meet the following criteria: 

  • Previous experience and/or involvement in activities related to sustainability and/or well-being at work, 
  • Knowledge of the sustainability problematics and topics, 

Applicants must be Active Members or Affiliate members of our Society at the time of application. 

Term of Office

The term of office is 3 years as of 1 January 2023, renewable twice for one year (maximum 5 years in total).  


If you are interested and wish to apply, please send your CV (2 pages) and application letter (1 page, detailing the adherence to the requirements above) and disclose any conflict of interest you may have to the SustaiC to no later than 10 July 2022 23:59 CEST with the subject ‘ESAIC Sustainability Committee Member – vacancy 2023’. 

The appointment will be made by the Board of Directors following a recommendation by the Nominations Committee and the SustaiC. 

For more information about the Sustainability Committee, please visit here.