The ESAIC is seeking to recruit a new Chairperson and a new motivated and enthusiastic member to the Gender Equity Committee (GEC), with terms starting on 1 January 2023, to assist in evolving and advancing Gender Equity in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. 


The ESAIC strongly supports gender equality because of its ethical, social, and economic benefits to the broader community in general, and to anaesthesiologists and its members in particular. The GEC aims at promoting equal individual opportunities in clinical work, teaching, research, leadership and decision-making in European anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine, regardless of sex, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, medical or psychosocial disability, socioeconomic opportunities or political background.  

As the mission of the committee is to inspire a culture of change towards equality so that all anaesthesiologists can reach their individual professional goals, it should primarily raise awareness of gender and ethnical issues and promote equal opportunities for, and representation of, all women and men within European anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine regarding 

  • recruitment for graduate and postgraduate training and examination, 
  • clinical work and responsibility, 
  • teaching and clinical supervision,  
  • research, development, and scientific supervision, 
  • formal representation in boards and committees, 
  • leadership and decision-making. 

The GEC meets once a year in the frame of ESAIC’s annual congress Euroanaesthesia. Other activities and meetings take place virtually throughout the year. The members are expected to attend these meetings. Travel expenses to attend the in-person meeting of the Committee (provided that it can take place) are provided according to standard ESAIC policy. 


Applications are encouraged from ESAIC Active or Affiliate members who meet the following criteria: 

Experience in 

  • educational initiatives in the field of gender equity and promotion of equal opportunities, 
  • organisation and support in research and/or survey work in this field, 
  • promotion of cultural changes and fight against stereotypes, sexism, harassment, discrimination, 

In addition, 

  • personal and / or professional engagement in gender equity initiative(s) / association(s) is highly desirable, and
  • a role model in promoting gender equity throughout his / her career and professional appearance; 
  • involvement in ESAIC related projects/bodies 

Term of Office

As Chair: 3 years as chair followed by 1 year as Past-Chair

As Member: 3 years, starting 1 January 2023, renewable twice for 1 year for a total maximum of 5 years.


Should you be interested, and wish to apply, so please send your CV (2 pages) and application letter (1 page, detailing the adherence to the requirements above) and disclose any conflict of interest you may have to the GEC by emailing no later than 10 July 2022 with the subject ‘ESAIC GEC Chair vacancy 2023’ or ‘ESAIC GEC Member – vacancy 2023’ depending on the position for which you are applying. 

The appointment will be made by the ESAIC Board following recommendations by the Nominations Committee and the GEC. 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this post, please contact: 
Prof. Vojislava Neskovic 
Gender Equity Committee Chairperson 

For more information about the GEC, please visit the ESAIC website.