The elections for the below-mentioned positions will be held during the Council Meeting on 26 May 2021. At the time of the elections, it will proceed in the order defined in the Articles of Association:

  1. Secretary
  2. Treasurer


Terms of office: The terms of office shall start on 1 January 2022 and last until 31 December 2023.

The composition and election criteria to the ESAIC Board are detailed in Section 7 of the By-laws of the Society, which are published on the ESAIC website.

Attention is drawn to the following points:

  • Each candidate shall have been an ESAIC Active Member for at least three years (since at least January 2019).
  • At any one time, three elected members of the Board of Directors must have been members of Council at the time of their election (§7.3.1). This condition is fulfilled with the current Board composition
  • There shall be no more than two elected members working professionally in the same country (§7.3.2).
  • Elected Board members cannot hold a Society Committee or Subcommittee Chair position (§7.2).


How to apply?

Please send

  1. your application form
  2. a short introduction video, and
  3. the ESAIC Code of Conduct

duly signed to no later than 18 April (23:59 CET).

Your application documents will be circulated to the Council Members and you will be requested to introduce yourself and present your motivation and goals during the Council Meeting on 26 May 2021. Each candidate will have a 10-minute slot to do so, followed by a short round of questions and answers.