The ESAIC is seeking to recruit an enthusiastic and motivated new Chairperson to the eLearning Committee to assist in evolving and advancing eLearning in the Education Department of the ESAIC. The position for a three-year mandate becomes vacant on 1 January 2021. 



eLearning plays an important role in the development of professional education and is of the utmost value in the current Mission and Vision of our Society.

The new Chairperson will take over from Prof. Dr Leila Niemi-Murola and will liaise closely with her. The Committee is currently composed of five members. The eLearning Chairperson post requires close liaison with the Education Department of the ESAIC Secretariat in Brussels throughout the year to:

  • Produce eLearning modules and other web-based educational products, some of which are created jointly with other associations or partners, from inside/outside the ESAIC
  • Provide and improve knowledge, skills and help to evolve attitudes in the field of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine, Pain, Critical Emergency Medicine through web-based services
  • Develop and promote the ESAIC Learning Management System (LMS) and related activities
  • Define the educational focus and major topics to add to the ESAIC LMS and to develop eLearning strategies for the future
  • Identify, develop and evaluate new eLearning methods, techniques and content such as new technology initiatives and “best practice” eLearning projects
  • Attend Committee meetings* and other meetings, such as meetings with industrial sponsors
  • Lead committee discussions and approve meeting minutes
  • Help with committee budget based on input provided by the ESAIC Office
  • Liaise with the Education Committee Chair regarding strategic decisions on a regular basis
  • Report to the ESAIC Board on a regular basis
  • Discuss important organisational/logistical matters related to all e-learning activities with the ESAIC Office
  • Participate in the selection process of new eLearning Committee Members.

*The elected chairperson will be required to attend at least 1 meeting of the eLearning Committee at the annual Euroanaesthesia Congress and several teleconference meetings throughout the year. Travel expenses to attend meetings of the Committee are provided according to standard ESAIC policy.


Requirements for Application

The candidate must have the following profile:

  • Must have been an Active ESAIC member for at least two years (1).
  • Previous committee experience in ESAIC teaching, educational or scientific activities
  • Scientific understanding of teaching and educational evidence and its use in clinical practice
  • Previous educational or teaching activities (outside ESAIC)
  • Knowledge in didactics of training and education, learning objectives vs. content
  • Previous activities in eLearning (production, development, maintenance, authorship etc.)
  • Publications in education or training (optional)
  • Master of Medical Education or equivalent (optional)

Gender balance and representation from throughout Europe will be encouraged on all Committees. No more than two representatives working professionally in any one country (except for ex-officio or co-opted members with no voting rights), and no more than one representative from the same institution, can sit on any Committee/Subcommittee. In special circumstances, the Board of Directors could grant an exception to this rule.


Term of office 

The new Chair of the eLearning Committee will be elected for a term of 3 years, followed by a 1-year period as Past-Chair of the Committee. His/her term of office is set to start officially on 1 January 2021, even if the election process is completed shortly after that date.


How to apply

Please send:

  1. the completed application form
  2. a Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 sides of DIN A4)
  3. and a picture (300 dpi).

Complete applications will be reviewed by the Education Committee and the Nominations Committee. Please note that an interview of short-listed candidates may be organised. Following the interview, the panel will give a recommendation to the ESAIC Board of Directors. The Board will ratify if this proposal is acceptable.

Please note that all ESAIC committee members will need to declare their conflict of interest for the last 3 years. This declaration shall be renewed annually and published on the ESAIC website.



Travel, accommodation, and other necessary expenses incurred to attend meetings are covered by the ESAIC as per the ESAIC Expense Reimbursement Policy.


More information

Any questions? Please contact