The Scientific Committee (SC) fulfils the following functions:

  • Determines the Scientific Programme for the Annual Euroanaesthesia Meeting
  • Monitors the process of the Scientific Programme at the Annual Meeting
  • Assesses abstracts submitted for presentation at the Annual Meeting and proposes the Best Abstracts
  • Coordinates and administers the Euroanaesthesia Best Abstract Prize
  • Determines the Scientific Programme for the ESAIC Focus Meeting
  • Carries out other functions as decided by the Board



Idit Matot


Alexander Zarbock Research Committee Chair
Stefan De HertEducation and Training Committee Chair
Daniel Arnal Patient Safety and Quality Chair
Maria Iulia Crisan* Trainee Representative
Raffaella Donadio*Education and Scientific Affairs Manager
Emilie Nootens* Scientific Programme Lead
Sarah Herbineaux* Scientific Programme Administrator

* No voting rights

Scientific Subcommittees

General Anaesthesiology

1. Contact the SSC1. 

Daniela Ionescu (Romania)  Chairperson 
Johan Heilberg (Denmark)  Member 
Konstantinos Stroumpoulis (Greece)  Member 
Hugo Vereecke (Belgium)  Member 
Henrik Rueffert (Germany) representing the European Malignant Hyperthermia Group (EMHG)  Specialist Society Member 
Hans Donald De Boer (Netherlands) representing the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Society for Perioperative Care (ERAS)  Specialist Society Member 
Paul Michel Mertes (France) representing the International Suspected Perioperative Allergy Group (ISPAR)  Specialist Society Member 


Ambulatory Anaesthesia

2. Contact the SSC2. 

Roberta Monzani (Italy)  Chairperson 
Gilda Ginella  Past Chairperson 
Jeroen Hermanides (The Netherlands)  Member 
Tatjana Simurina (Croatia)  Member 
Ron Flaishon (Israel)  Member 


3. Regional Anaesthesia

Contact the SSC3. 

Luc Sermeus (Belgium)  Chairperson 
Emmanuel Boselli (France)  Member 
Alan Macfarlane (United Kingdom)  Member 


4. Obstetric Anaesthesiology

Contact the SSC4. 

Carolyn Weiniger (Israel)  Chairperson 
Nicolas Brogly (Spain)  Member 
Alexander Ioscovich (Israel)  Member 
Nuala Lucas (United Kingdom)  Member 
Pierre Yves Dewandre (Belgium)  Member 


5. Paediatric Anaesthesiology

Contact the SSC5. 

Markus F. Stevens (Netherlands)  Chairperson 
Peter Kenderessy (Slovakia)  Member 
Margaret Ekstein (Israel)  Member 
Maren Kleine-Brueggeney (Switzerland)  Member 
Nadia Najafi (Belgium)
representing the European Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology (ESPA) 
Specialist Society Member 


6. Neuroanaesthesiology

Contact the SSC6. 

Vincent Bonhomme (Belgium)  Chairperson 
Martin Söhle (Germany)  Member 
Chiara Robba (Italy)  Member 
Aeyal Raz (Israel)  Member 


7. Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anaesthesiology

Contact the SSC7. 

Nandor Marczin (United Kingdom)  Chairperson 
Bernard Cholley (France)  Past Chairperson 
Thomas Werner Ludwig Scheeren (The Netherlands)  Member 
Mona Momeni (Belgium)  Member 
Steffen Rex (Belgium) representing the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists (EACTA)  Specialist Society Member 


8. Acute and Chronic Pain and Palliative Medicine Pain Management

Contact the SSC8. 

Ulrike Stamer (Switzerland)  Chairperson 
Hélène Beloeil (France)  Member 
Kris Vissers (Netherlands)  Member 
Patrice Forget (United Kingdom)  Member 


9. Intensive Care Medicine

Contact the SSC9. 

Christian Putensen (Germany)  Chairperson 
Caterina Aurilio (Italy)  Member 
Gary Mills (United Kingdom)  Member 
Michael Sander (Germany)  Member 
Andrea Cortegiani (Italy)  Member 
Vincenzo Russotto (Italy)  Member 
Evgeni Brotfain (Israel)  Member 
Yael Lichter (Israel)  Member 
Manu Malbrain (Belgium) representing the World Society of the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (WSACS)  Specialist Society Member 


10. Critical Emergency Medicine: Trauma and Resuscitation

Contact the SSC10. 

Bernd Böttiger (Germany)  Chairperson 
Jacob Steinmetz (Denmark)  Member 
Giuseppe Ristagno (Italy)  Member 
Or Goren (Israel)  Member 
Athanasios Chalkias (Greece)  Member 


11. Respiration and Airway Management

Contact the SSC11. 

Kemal Tolga Saracoglu (Turkey)  Chairperson 
Tom van Zundert (Belgium)  Member 
Peter Biro (Switzerland)  Member 
Gianmaria Cammarota (Italy)  Member 
Carlo Alberto Volta (Italy)  Member 
Jan-Paul Mulier (Belgium) representing the European Society for Peri-operative Care of the Obese Patient (ESPCOP)  Specialist Society Member 
Ana Isabel Pinto Pereira (Portugal) representing the European Airway Management Society (EAMS)  Specialist Society Member 


12. Transfusion, Haemostasis and Thrombosis

Contact the SSC12. 

Isabell Pekrull (Germany)  Chairperson 
Cristian von Heymann (Germany)  Past Chairperson 
Daniel Bolliger (Switzerland)  Member 
Elèni Arnaoutoglou (Greece)  Member 
Pierre Albaladejo (France)  Member 
Dana Rodica    Tomescu (Romania) representing the Liver Intensive Care Group of Europe (LICAGE)  Specialist Society Member 


13. Pharmacology

Contact the SSC13. 

Laura Hannivvort (The Netherlands)  Chairperson 
Michel Struys (The Netherlands)  Past Chairperson 
Tony Gin (China)  Member 
Maria Wittmann (Germany)  Member 


14. Monitoring, Ultrasound and Equipment

Contact the SSC14. 

Alexandre Joosten (France)  Chair 
Bernd Saugel (Germany)  Past Chairperson 
Valérie Billard (France)  Member 
Barak Cohen (Israel)  Member 
Teodora Nicolescu (Romania) representing the European Soceity  for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (ESCTAIC)  Specialist Society Member 
Adrian Wong (United Kingdom) representing theInternational Fluid Academy (IFA)   Specialist Society Member 


15. Geriatric Anaesthesiology

Contact the SSC15. 

Finn Radtke (Denmark)  Chairperson 
Concezione Tommasino (Italy)  Past Chairperson 
Paola Aceto (Italy)  Member 
Ana Kowark (Germany)  Member 


16. Ethics

Contact the SSC16. 

Paul McConnell (United Kingdom)  Chairperson 
Ornella Piazza (Italy)  Member 
Yehuda Ginosar (Israel)  Member 
Vladimir Cerny (Czech Republic)  Member