The Patient Safety and Quality Committee strives to accomplish this vision as a dynamic international leader in Patient Safety and Quality for anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine and pain medicine.

Through fostering research in projects like the Helsinki Declaration Follow Up project, disseminating the latest knowledge and Patient Safety strategies through its Safer Care to Save Lives Programme, Masterclasses and workshops, advocacy through leading the European Patient Safety Summit in 2020 and collaborating and networking with other societies, the Patient Safety and Quality Committee fulfils the ESAIC’s goal to improve perioperative patient outcomes in Europe and across the world.

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Benedikt Preckel (NL)


Daniel ArnalPast Chair
María Lema ToméMember
Argyro ZoumprouliMember
Basak CeydaMember
Vilma TraskaiteMember
Maria WittmanMember
Alex Rawlings*Patient Safety and Simulation Project Manager

Co-opted members

Edoardo De RobertisESAIC President and Board Representative
Idit MatotScientific Committee Chairperson
Federico BilottaNASC Chairperson
Christopher NeuhausPatient Safety and Quality Masterclass Director
Guttorm BratteboEBA representative
David WhitakerEBA representative
Arvid Steinar HaugenInternational Federation of Nurse Anaesthetists (IFNA) Representative
Andrew F. SmithHD-FU Research Project Leader
Donika Borisova*Trainee Representative

* No voting rights