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Daniel Arnal (ES)


Johannes Wacker Past Chairperson
María Lema Tomé Member
Jannicke Mellin-Olsen Member
Frédéric Martin Member
Benedikt Preckel Member
Guy Haller Member
David Whitaker EBA representative
Guttorm Bratteboe EBA representative
Kai Zacharowski ESAIC President and Board Representative
Andreas Hoeft Scientific Committee Chairperson
Serban Bubenek NASC Representative
Alex Rawlings* Patient Safety and Simulation Project Manager


Co-opted members

Christopher Neuhaus Masterclass Director
Arvid Steinar Haugen International Federation of Nurse Anaesthetists (IFNA) Representative
Andrew F. Smith HD-FU Research Project Leader
Kaisa Immonen European Patient Forum Representative
Dora Karmelić Trainees Committee Representative

* No voting rights