It is our honour to inform you that the NASC, the ESAIC Board of Directors and the European Board of Anaesthesiology have decided to promote collaborations among the National Societies of Anaesthesiology through the creation of the NASC Network with the goal to contribute to promote the missions of the ESAIC.

In practice, each National Society of Anaesthesiolgoy will ask individual Institutions/hospitals (academic or non academic) within their respective countries to participate to the ESAIC Network. Each Institution/hospital will send (to the President of the Society/ NASC representative) two important pieces of information: A : The name and email/phone address of the anaesthesiologist from that institution/hospital that will be the principal contact ; B :  a maximum of three areas of excellence (clinical practice, research, organization of the health care process, etc.)  together with the options : 1. Participate to peer-to-peer actions (research, common professional or educational programmes) and/or ; 2. Participate to the PARH (Practice Abroad and Return Home) programme that is detailed in the attached document.

It will be the decision of the President of the National Society/NASC representative to accept the proposal made by Institutions/hospitals. The information from each National Society will be subsequently sent by the NASC representative to the NASC chairmen. The information will be displayed on the ESAIC Website and renewed every two years. Institutions/hospitals that want to opt out (temporarily of definitively) of the programme can do it by simply sending an email to the President of National Society/NASC representative/NASC chairperson.

The NASC network will promote/reinforce regional/global collaborations among the member countries of the ESAIC. The goal of the PARH programme is to “guide” the brain drain of anaesthesiologists from less affluent to more affluent countries.

We anticipate that the time frame of the initiation of the NASC Network will be different from country to country. For the PARH project, we strongly encourage the creation of pilot models of collaboration between countries that are confronted either with large numbers of anaesthesiologist leaving or arriving. The countries that will be the pilot models of collaborations within the PARH model will be designated by the NASC representatives after approval by their National Societies.

We consider that creation of the pilot models of collaboration before the end of 2014 will be a proof of success of the NASC Network project.

PARH-AICE Project Letter: