The ESAIC Guidelines Committee defines the rules for making ESAIC guidelines, selects the topics and experts, collects and evaluates available documents throughout Europe, establishes relationships with other Societies to prepare possible collaborative guidelines and define how to implement guidelines.

The committee includes representatives from the ESAIC Board and Scientific Committee, EBA, NASC and experts in the field.

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Peter Kranke (Germany)


Idit Matot (Israel)Scientific Committee Chairperson
Federico Bilotta (Italy)NASC President
Krešimir Oremuš (Croatia)EBA representative
Dan Longrois (France)EJA representative
Carolina Soledad Romero Garcia (Spain)Methodologist/Member
Arash Afshari (Denmark)Methodologist
Wojciech Szcezklik (Poland)Member
Athanasios Chalkias (Greece)Member
Roberta Südy (Switzerland)*Trainee Committee Representative
Pierre Harlet*ESAIC Staff
Sophie Debouche*ESAIC Staff
Saman Sepehr*ESAIC Staff

*No voting rights