The Examinations Subcommittee Part II is responsible for the practical organisation of the EDAIC Part II examination.

The Chairperson is the Director of Part II Guided Question Bank and reports to the Examinations Committee. The members include the Chairperson of the Examinations Committee, representatives from countries adopting EDAIC Part II as a national mandatory examination (maximum one per country), representatives from host centres for the Part II examination, up to four senior examiners from four different countries and the Examinations Coordinators. One of the members of the Subcommittee Part II will help to supervise the distribution of Part II questions within each Part II centre every year; this person should also be part of the Examinations Committee. Examinations Coordinators have no voting rights; they have an advisory and administrative role.

The Chair and members of the Examinations Subcommittee Part II can serve for a period of three years with the possibility of successive one-year appointments up to a maximum of eight years.



Markus Klimek


Bazil Ateleanu Examinations Committee Chairperson
Emma PonténScandinavian Translator
Joana Berger-EstilitaPortuguese Translator & Deputy Chair
Lars EichlerGerman Translator
Malgorzata Mikaszewska-Sokolewicz Polish translator
Marina Soro Domingo Spanish Translator
Nicolas VarelaFrench translator
Stephen SciberrasRepresentative for Malta
Hugues Scipioni* Examinations Manager
Rodolphe Di Loreto* Examinations Lead

*No voting rights