The On-Line Assessment Subcommittee is responsible for the practical organisation and development of the On-Line Assessment (OLA). This includes the annual creation and translation of the OLA Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

The OLA Subcommittee is made of members, a chairperson and the Examinations Coordinators. One of the members of the OLA Subcommittee is the Examinations Committee Chairperson. The OLA Subcommittee Chair and Part I Subcommittee Chair can be the same person. Examinations Coordinators have no voting rights; they have an advisory and administrative role. The OLA Subcommittee can be enlarged depending on the needs and with express approval of the ESAIC Board.

The chairperson and members of the On-Line Assessment Subcommittee can serve for a period of three years with the possibility of successive one-year appointments up to a maximum of eight years.



Armen Varosyan


Bazil Ateleanu Examinations Committee Chairperson
Luca BrazziItalian Translator
Patrice ForgetFrench Translator
Bastiaan in't VeldRepresentative for the Netherlands
Markus KlimekGerman Translator
Basak Ceyda MeçoTurkish Translator
Malgorzata Mikaszewska-SokolewiczOLA Deputy Chair & Polish Translator
Francisco Javier Orellana RamosSpanish Translator
Svetlana PlamadealaRepresentative for Moldova
Paulo Alexandre de Sá RodriguesPortuguese Translator
Wang TianlongChinese Translator
Octavian TomaRomanian Translator
Hugues Scipioni* Examinations Manager
Odile Jacquet* Examinations Coordinator
Vera Morales* Examinations Coordinator

*No voting rights