The Examinations Committee is responsibleĀ for supervising/coordinating/advising on the organisation of the European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, and maintaining/improving the standard of the examination.

The Chairperson is appointed by, and reports to, the ESAIC Board of Directors. The committee members include the Director of Part 1 MCQ Bank, the Director of Part 2 Guided Question Bank, a representative of the UEMS/EBA and the Examinations Coordinators.Ā The appointed members and Chairperson serve for a term of three years with the possibility of successive one-year appointments up to a maximum of eight years.

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BazilĀ Ateleanu (United Kingdom)


Joana Berger-Estilita (Switzerland)Subcommittee Part II Deputy Chairperson
Nicolas Brogly (Spain)Subcommittee Part Iā€ÆChairperson
Markus Klimek (Netherlands)Subcommittee Part IIā€ÆChairperson
Pinelopi Kouki (Greece)Representative of the UEMS/EBA
Krisztinaā€ÆMadĆ”ch (Hungary)Subcommittee Part I Deputy Chairperson
Malgorzata Mikaszewska-Sokolewicz (Poland)OLA Subcommittee Deputy Chairperson
Octavian Toma (Switzerland)OLA Subcommitteeā€ÆChairperson
Hugues Scipioni* Examinations Manager

*No voting rights