The Congress Committee is responsible for all aspects of the ESAIC events with the exception of the content of the scientific programme. There are several Congress Committee meetings running simultaneously, each dealing with their respective event.

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The three Permanent Committee Members include the Chairperson of the Scientific Programme Committee, the Industrial Liaison Officer, and the ESAIC President.


Nathaly Roux*
Events Manager


Edoardo De Robertis (Italy)ESAIC President
Kai Zacharowski (Germany)ESAIC Past-President
Radmilo Jankovic (Serbia)Secretary
Orit Nahtomi Shick (Israel)Treasurer
Idit Matot (Israel)Scientific Committee Chairperson
Jan Hendrickx (Belgium)Industry Liason Officer
Catherine Weynants* Chief Executive Officer
Raffaella Donadio* Scientific Affairs Manager
Ingrid Vantorre*Personal Assistant to CEO & Board
Arta Leci*Marketing and Communication Manager
Ann De Groot*Industry & External Relations Manager
Alina Rotaru* Events Assistant

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