The CEEA organises courses in Anaesthesiology.

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The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, eight additional members, chosen among the CEEA Regional Centre Directors, taking into account geographical representation and a liaison officer appointed by the WFSA Executive Committee from existing WFSA Education Committee members. Furthermore the Chairpersons of the the Examinations Committee and the Education & Training Platform are also full members of the CEEA.



Gilles Lebuffe


Adrian Belîi Member (CEEA Director)
Bazil Ateleanu WFSA Liaison
Ilona Bobek Education Committee Chairperson
Neslihan Alkis Member (CEEA Director)
Oleg Tarabrin Member (CEEA Director)
Anne Wiebke Ohlrogge* Education Coordinator (CEEA)


*No voting rights

CEEA Six Courses Programme: