To accomplish the objectives of the Society, key activities are delegated to committees consisting primarily of ESAIC Members. The committees report to the Board of Directors through the Chairperson of each committee.
The Board of Directors through recommendations of the Nominations Committee appoints committee Chairpersons and Members based on expertise.

Committee Chairpersons, unless otherwise specified, are usually appointed for a one-year term, but may be appointed for successive one-year terms of office, and must have Active Member status in the ESAIC.

ESAIC Members who would like to participate in one of the ESAIC Committees should send their Curriculum Vitae to the attention of the Nominations Committee at the ESAIC Secretariat.

ESAIC Secretariat
24 Rue des Comédiens, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
T: +32-(0)2-743-3290 | F: +32-(0)2-743-3298